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All jokes aside, Tally Count offers reliability where other counting solutions don't stack up. We offer features that other apps and websites simply don't have.

Multiple Users Working Together

Invite multiple users into your organization. Your organization can be set up for users to share counters and collaborate together, or work on their own individual counters with the ability for a manager to oversee everyone's progress.

Gather valuable insights with Stats

The stats section can tell you how much each counter has changed today, this week, this month, or any period of time. If you are sharing your counters with multiple users you can filter out each users progress for each individual counter.

Real-time synced counters

Once multiple users are sharing the same counter you don't want to have to refresh to get an updated picture of where the team is at. The real time functionality stays up to date immediately, without refreshing your browser. Its a bit like magic.

Get Emailed or Downloaded Reports

Email custom reports on a one time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In addition, you can download Excel exports in four different formats: Overall Gain/Loss, By User/Counters, By Date/Counters, Raw Logs. This gives you ultimate flexibility in using your data as you wish.

Multiple Modes for Different Kinds of Organizations

Customize your organization for your needs. You can have users share counters completely, or share the same counters with separated user counts, or just let each user have their own separate counters entirely. You can also make the system reset all counters every night, and manage basic permissions and prevent users from addding, deleting, or renaming counters.

Get Access to Pro Features

$79 /YEAR