Tally Count Online
Your counter tally is saved to your browser (on your device) automatically. If you clear your cache it will be lost. If you would like it synced to the cloud you should create an account.

Free Online Tally Counter Tool

Tally Count is a free online tool for tally counting. It can be used as a clicker for events to count people, as an inventory counting tool, industrial step counting, workouts, sports scores, or a myriad of other use cases.

In order to use the tool you can click the plus button to increment your counter tally by one, and click the minus button to deincrement it. If you click on the gear icon you will have the option to reset the tally, set it to a different value, or change settings.

Unlike other free counting tools, you can save your results on our servers for free, and with a paid account get access to helpful features like syncronized counters that work across multiple devices, tracking history by time and by user, exports, and different views of your data.